Lullaby For The Working Class I Never Even Asked For Light

I Never Even Asked For Light

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Lullaby for the Working Class - I Never Even Asked for Light

The New York Times- Critic’s Choice; January 13 1998 “Mandolins plink, harmonicas hoot and glockenspiels tinkle in Lullaby for the Working Class, a mini-orchestra of wistful Americana. Ted Stevens, the band’s singer and main songwriter, is a connoisseur of the elusive and fragile on the band’s second album, “I Never Even Asked for Light”. In a voice that sounds sleepless and troubled, he ponders hazy emotions, the toll taken by progress and a pervasive sense of loss: “How many ways can you say that you’ve been broken” he sings in “Man vs. the Tide.” Played on acoustic instruments, the music seems folksy, but it’s a long way from rustic simplicity. With the oblique imagery and idiosyncratic structures of collegiate rock, Mr. Stevens’s reveries wander from family traumas to space travel to the possibility of faith.” –JP