Hannah Marcus Black Hole Heaven

Black Hole Heaven

"The Landlord's son is a drunken bum and he weed whacks weed whacks all the time. Once he got so bombed that he took out his scythe and he chopped down all the Birds of Paradise behind Lot 309 He went… wild". So begins Hannah Marcus's Sadly beautiful set of songs. Black Hole Heaven is an edgy look at life among the druggy art denizens of California. Hannah Marcus is a major undiscovered songstress who manages to sound like herself while evoking everyone from Patti Smith, Courtney Love, Joni Mitchell, Roxy Music, and Tom Waits. Black Hole Heaven explores the long mythic journey the heart can take between inner and outer space, fueled by dreams, drugs and love lost. Rock n' Roll, tangoes, waltzes, and trip-hop all underscore Hannah Marcus's remarkable songs.