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Already the toast of England, Joy Zipper are a couple of ex-patriot Long Islanders who are ready to bring it on home with their self-titled debut. Vinny Cafiso and Tabitha Tindale are "real life lovers" who offer up a tantalising, bewitching, dream-like world where it's always summer and the love is free - at least until the bad trips kick in. It's a thoroughly contemporary sound with hints of eras gone by. Tabatha "discovered" Vinny when he was a guitar player in a My Bloody Valentine-style band playing around Manhattan. The two of them went out for a bit' he wrote her a couple of love songs; and, in true Janine-Spinal-Tap fashion, Tab decided Vinnie should be the singer. The band broke up and Joy Zipper was born. " like Kim and Thurston from Sonic Youth reciting Pet Sounds to each other as pillow talk. Once this worms into your mind it ain't going anywhere." - iD Magazine