Mosquitos Sunshine Barato

Sunshine Barato

"In less than three years the band has reached that rare status of 'It' band" The New York Times - Sunday Style

"Sunshine Barato further integrates the elements of the New York-based trio's style, with more intricate arrangements and more polyrhythmic percussion…embodied by Brazilian singer Juju Stulbach whose breathy vocals suggest Paris's Francoise Hardy as much as Rio's Astrud Gilberto." Washington Post

"Generous helping of twinkling pop gems that fuse the bright, cheery vibe of '60s bossa nova with the innocence of '80s dance music and the sharpness of '90s indie pop. Juju Stulbach has a warm, breathless tone that purrs with sexuality." The Phoenix New Times

"…like a warm breeze on a chilly day or a smile from a stranger, it will brighten your day immeasurably. So listen up indie poppers, Brazilian aficionados and lovers of light and polite pop, if you need a hug, throw on Sunshine Barrato, it is the next best thing." All Music Guide

"The ban's straightforward pop music laced with hints of bossa nova is intriguing and soothing… A MUST HAVE" Baby Sue Music Review