The Sharp Things Foxes & Hounds

Foxes & Hounds

“Unleash the hounds! New York's own Sharp Things prove that their surprising, well-received orchestral pop debut Here Comes The Sharp Things was no fluke, because this one's even better. Imagine The Divine Comedy circa A Short Album About Love without the Noel Coward Englishness, but with the same lush Scott Walker-isms of "Cowbells Shakin'" or The Left Banke of "Shadows Breaking Over My Head." Then imagine something just as lush, but with a more American drive and you have the standout "Homeless." The strings and horns and pianos whirl and twirl, always fitting hand in glove with the bright and airy, quintessentially tuneful, neo-classical pop songwriting. Delightful! Charming! Splendid! “ — Jack Rabid, The Big Takeover