Starling Electric Clouded Staircase

Clouded Staircase

Starling Electric was originally formed by singer/songwriter Caleb Dillon, and has since grown into the dynamic four-piece that exists today. Described as "...startling and arch orchestral pop music of the best kind", the group is a melting pot of 60's and 70's influences - the melodic harmonies of the Beach Boys, Zombies, and The Byrds; the prog and art-rock exploration of Yes, 10cc, Genesis, and Elton John; the baroque craftsmanship of the Left Banke and Love; and the pomposity and swagger of The Who, Queen, and ELO. In their first two years playing together, they've shared bills with Robert Pollard (of Guided By Voices), The Hidden Cameras, Evan Dando, Saturday Looks Good To Me, The Sights, Canada, Chris Bathgate, Great Lakes Myth Society, The Satin Peaches, and many others. "'Clouded Staircase' is definitely a TOP TEN record for me personally..." - Jon Auer, The Posies/Big Star