Greg Camp Defektor


Greg Camp, guitarist and Grammy nominated songwriter has stepped out of the SmashMouth fold after 10 years. Having penned most of the pop outfitís multiplatinum hits, Camp has decided to take this step in an effort to further explore the hidden corners of his overactive pop muse. Defektor boasts songs about sticky-fingered hotel maids, unpredictable ex-lovers, the end of the world and strung-out super models and plays like a guided tour through Campís diverse musical imagination. The album was written, recorded and mixed in Campís new recording studio Seavolt Sound, where left to his own devices, he ditched all ballast and chased countless ideas down rabbit holes. He emerged from the studio with a healthy handful of shiny new songs, spanning influences from 60ís pop, surf, garage, spaghetti western soundtracks, rock Ďn roll, new wave, and funk.