The Feelies The Good Earth

The Good Earth

The Feelies - The Good Earth

It took the Feelies six years to create The Good Earth, their follow-up album to Crazy Rhythms. The album was co-produced by Feelies co-captains Glenn Mercer and Bill Million along with REM’s Peter Buck who was a Feelies admirer since his days as a record store clerk. The Good Earth was an early release on Coyote Records the label started by Steve Fallon of Maxwell’s in Hoboken where the group became one of the club’s most popular acts. The Good Earth featured the line-up that continues to this day. The album is an interesting mix of layered acoustic and electric guitars and their signature percussion sound.
• Bonus material including EP tracks and a new live recording will be included via download cards inserted in the LP and CD
• Deluxe packaging with liner notes by Jim Sullivan
• Available for the first time in over a decade.