Freedy Johnston Rain on the City

Rain on the City

Freedy Johnston - Rain on the City

Rain on the City is Freedy Johnstonís first album of new originals in eight years. Recorded in Nashville with producer Richard McLaurin, itís one of the best song collections of Freedyís career, featuring a diverse array of rockers, heartbreaking twang, even hints of blue-eyed soul and bossa nova. "Johnston also seems to have gotten his stride back as a songwriter, and these 11 tunes are full of the sharp but thoughtful wordplay and unique characters that make his best work so pleasurable; quite simply, it's hard to imagine anyone else writing something quite like "The Devil Raises His Own," "Venus Is Her Name," or the title track, and his dusty Midwestern tenor brings these stories to vivid life, which listeners can soak up like they would a good book." - All Music Guide