Richard Barone Glow


Richard Barone - Glow

GLOW is the new album from Richard Barone, lead guitarist and vocalist of the cult faves the Bongos. The album is a sonic delight; like a lost solo Beatle album from a glam rock future world. After taking a break from performing to produce others and write a book, Barone is back working with his friend and favorite producer Tony Visconti (along with Steve Addabbo, Jill Sobule and others) GLOW positively glows with great songs like “Gravity’s Pull,” “Yet Another Midnight” and a captivating cover of Marc Bolan’s “Girl.” The king of chamber pop does not disappoint on this stunning addition to his wonderful catalog.
“Is there a musician more deserving of the moniker Man About Town than Richard Barone?” – Ann Powers, The New York Times
“Prince of New York” – Andrew Aber, Village Voice
“Barone knows the alchemic formula for converting an everyday thought into a powerful refrain.” – Tom Moon, NPR