Bob Wiseman


In By Of

Bar None Records is proud to release In By Of a collection of songs by Canada's favorite energy source Bob Wiseman. An accomplished jazz pianist, punk edged singer/songwriter, controversial monologist, and record producer, Bob's career is more colorful than the psychedelic paintings on his stage gear.

In By Of is comprised of songs selected from Bob's first three solo recordings, In Her Dream, Presented By Lake Michigan Soda and City Of Wood. Originally released in Canada, these records feature appearances by some of Bob's friends; Mary Margaret O'Hara, Ben Mink, Edie Brickell, Jane Siberry, Michelle McAdory and Eugene Chadborne among others. Song content on In By Of ranges from rapper Ice Cube's apparent anti-Semitism ("How Round The Earth") to social dysfunction ("What The Astronaut Noticed And Then Suggested") to Bob's personal opinion of rapists ("City Of Wood"). Songs of love ("Me An Arrow", "We Got Time") approach to subject from directions rarely thought of.

Bob's touring history includes jaunts with Billy Bragg, Michelle Shocked, Daniel Lanois, Cracker, Jane Siberry, Jim Carroll, Vic Chestnut and countless others. He produced recordings for such notables as Edie Brickell, Kids In The Hall's Bruce McCulloch, Ron Sexsmith and many more. He has written movie and television scores. He has produced radio shows for the CBC. He has received a scolding from hot-shot lawyers for attempting to change his name to 'Prince'. The RCMP has a file with Bob's name on it and Bob has a cat named Bazil.


l989 - In Her Dreams
l990 - Presented By Lake Michigan Soda
l993 - City Of Wood
l994 - In By Of (Bar/None)
1995 - Accidently Acquired Beliefs (Warner)
1996 - Beware of Bob (Sabre Toque)
1998 - More Work Songs from the Planet of the Apes (GFC)
2002 - Pea Shooter (GFC)
2005 - It's True (Blocks)
2007 - Theme and Variations (Blocks)