El Ten Eleven

My Only Swerving by El Ten Eleven

El Ten Eleven is the name adopted by Los Angeles based musicians Kristian Dunn and Tim Fogarty.  Armed with only bass, drums and an array of foot pedals, the duo creates lush instrumental soundscapes reminiscent of the music of Tortoise, Radiohead and Sigur Ros.  

Audiences from San Diego to Silver Lake, (and Orange County in between) are stunned and amazed that only two musicians can perfectly replicate the textures, nuances and fullness of this CD.  But they should not be.

Kristian and Tim are seasoned performers.  In addition to El Ten Eleven, both are members of a band called The Soft Lightes (the critically acclaimed band formerly known as The Incredible Moses Leroy).   Prior to that, Kristian spent time in acclaimed indie rock band Inch, recording and releasing 3 albums in the late 90’s.   After Inch, Kristian took a job at Ultimatum Records.  Intrigued by the music of an Ultimatum signing, he soon quit his day job to join that band, The Incredible Moses Leroy.

Tim played in local groups in his hometown of Pittsburgh, including an all white hip hop/funk outfit, before moving to Los Angeles in 1997.  After landing in L.A. he paid his dues in the usual way, playing in a variety of upstart bands and as a hired gun.  One steady job was a stint in a Vegas style show band playing at an illegal casino in L.A.’s Koreatown neighborhood 4 nights a week.  

The two met while playing in an experimental 4 piece organic / electronic group with 2 drummers.  Kristian contributed his fretless bass and guitar pedals and Tim brought his unique blend of acoustic and electronic drums to the mix.  That project got scrapped, but both were impressed by each others unique approach to their instruments and choose to continue working together.   

Their pop band needs fulfilled by the Soft.Lightes, they formed El Ten Eleven as a vehicle to explore and push the envelope of what modern instrumental music can be.

What people are saying about el ten eleven

"The music is lush, dense, full of ridiculous time signatures and even more ridiculous instrumental melodies, plucked delicately and looped infinitely. It’s a mathy sound reminiscent of the Mercury Program, Maserati, Tortoise and others, with the main (and most impressive) difference being that this band is a duo. Yeah, duo.   Kristian Dunn (rockin’ a kick ass double-neck bass/guitar combo) and Tim Fogarty (busting out the mathy cross rhythms of three drummers) manage to play music as intricately layered as any Radiohead album, utilizing a garden of pedals to loop themselves into a 12-piece concept band. Besides probably saving a shit-load of money on tour, cutting their band down to the pure essentials maximizes their live impact as audience members (like myself) stare in amazement at the fury of Kristian’s fingers and feet, and it makes the Polyphonic Spree seem like member-hoarding pussies."
-Lesley Bargar, LA Alternative Press

"… as anyone who’s ever seen the Soft Lightes/Moses Leroy can attest, Kristian and Tim are ridiculously good. Kristian’s bass lines float through the Soft Lightes’ songs, peeking through the melodies to announce themselves at all the right points; as for Tim, simply put, he’s a human beat machine. Seriously, I wouldn’t be surprised if other bands sampled his tracks for their own drum loops. Together, Kristian and Tim are El Ten Eleven, an instrumental post-rock project reminiscent of some of Tristeza’s best work. A gorgeous amalgam of pristine bass lines and, of course, Tim’s stellar drumming, El Ten Eleven’s songs are all lifts and falls, transitioning easily from mellow indie sounds to full-on bounce-worthy rock and back again all within the span of four minutes. Perhaps the greatest thing about them, however, is that there’s no singer.
-Ellen Griley, OC Weekly

Making their home in Los Angeles, El Ten Eleven make wonderful instrumental indie rock that's both familiar and new. It's exactly what I want to be hearing on this somewhat gloomy LA morning, where this is always the promise of hope. I've always liked instrumental rock bands. While not quite as epic as God Speed You Black Emperor, or as mysterious as Sigur Ros, the El Ten kids (there are two of them) carve out an interesting niche without retreading too much ground.
-Mark Willet, Music For Robots

“Odd, atmosphreric Tortoise style post rock from LA duo playing only bass and drums.   Moody, nutritious!”
- Amoeba Music Hollywood, Music We Like Selection, April 2005

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