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Suddenly Last Summer (Single)

Available on digital Nov 3rd

Elk City - Everybody's Insecure
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Available for pre-order now on CD & LP - Record out March 16th, 2018

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With a cover of The Motels 80s classic, “Suddenly Last Summer”, Elk City herald in the autumn daze and announce their signing to Bar/None Records. Record producer and session drummer Ray Ketchem along with vocalist and songwriter Renée LoBue have been making music together since the early 1990s. Their latest album project will be released on Bar/None in early 2018. “Suddenly Last Summer”, with its giant gated-reverb drums, seemed a suitably light-hearted way to announce the news. “It’s our take on big 80s MTV sound”, says Ketchem. “It began as a goof, but we’ve always loved that sound and thought why not!”

At the heart of Elk City is LoBue’s sterling voice and unique vision that adds a bit of magic to the stuff of everyday life. Her sense for airy but immediate melodies propels the band over Ketchem’s studio wizardry. Meanwhile the musical conversation is fleshed out by fellow band members guitarist Sean Eden (of Luna fame), keyboardist Carl Baggaley, and bassist Martin Olson. A new guitarist, Chris Robertson has recently been added to the line up.

Ketchem has produced many albums for Bar/None including a classic series of albums for the Mendoza Line and many others.

After working in a series of home studios Ketchem took the leap to the big time and built a state of the art facility in Montclair, New Jersey in the heart of it’s downtown art and theatre district. Magic Door (named after an Elk City song) has already had bands like Guided By Voices, Versus, Brother JT and Luna check in for session work. Luckily, LoBue lives up the street from Magic Door and loves to wander in to cut demos or add vocals and percussion to various recording projects. As they say - if you build it they will come.