Greenhouse 27

Greenhouse 27 is an herbal defoliant of love...a think tank of fertile musical ideas...a hothouse for the post-Beatle mewling of a true genius. Yeah, it all fits and then some, suffice to say Greenhouse 27 is a damn fine combo that knows how to worm it's way into your cranium with their hummable numbers.

The story begins in the summer of '92 in Shaker Heights, Ohio when the band officially formed. Frontman/chief writer and gardening specialist Jack Dean Moore performed with a group called the Skeletones (hence the monkey bones on the album cover?). Bar None was quite enamored with some of their songs and kept encouraging the lad to hone his craft, hoe his row and sow those fields. "If you do a gig they will come," a voice called out. Sure enough label honcho Tom Prendergast flew to Cleveland and signed them on the spot.

Some notes on the band: Jack Dean Moore has been playing guitar since he was a youngster in San Diego but only began singing a few years ago when he couldn't find anyone to sing his stuff correctly. Because of his gardening expertise Jack can always tell you which of your house plants are going to survive. Jonathan Richey (drums) was found through an attendant at the local Gulf station when Jack Dean pulled up to the pumps and inquired about drummers and oil changes. Jonathan's also a talented multi-instrumentalist specializing in keyboards and has a great pad that he lets Bar None bands crash at whenever they're in town.

Jon "Lurch" Kistler (bass) former Skeletone, replaces Tim Pevec. Fortunately the nick-name "Lurch" doesn't refer to the way he sings or speaks, ("You Rang..."). A degree in rhetoric from Kent State blows that misconception right out the window.

In the past, Greenhouse 27 have opened for Pere Ubu, the Mekons, the Judybats, Sun 60, Eat, Dada and the Wallflowers and are pumped and ready for action on the great American stage.

Their original bio states it best: "Enjoy the hooks and discover the respectfully commercial Greenhouse 27. We possess over 40 songs equaling the level of content of the songs on the enclosed tape. We don't do drugs and we practice a strong work ethic."