Greg Camp



Greg Camp, guitarist and Grammy nominated songwriter has stepped out of the SmashMouth fold after 10 years. Having penned most of the pop outfit’s multiplatinum hits, Camp has decided to take this step in an effort to further explore the hidden corners of his overactive pop muse.

The result to date is Defektor, a silky, 14-song masterpiece, and Camp’s first full length solo effort. The album will be released on September 9th on Bar/None, the undeniable outpost of embraceable and offbeat sonic confections.

Defektor boasts songs about sticky-fingered hotel maids, unpredictable ex-lovers, the end of the world and strung-out super models and plays like a guided tour through Camp’s diverse musical imagination. The album was written, recorded and mixed in Camp’s new recording studio Seavolt Sound, where left to his own devices, he ditched all ballast and chased countless ideas down rabbit holes. He emerged from the studio with a healthy handful of shiny new songs, spanning influences from 60’s pop, surf, garage, spaghetti western soundtracks, rock ‘n roll, new wave, and funk.

Greg Camp is one of those talented musical wizards that captures lightening in the whiskey jar. He fears no genre. He can turn any style on its head and make it new. And somehow it always has the indelible stamp of a first rate songwriting that evokes Costello and Nick Lowe one minute, the Specials and Madness another, or maybe the Gorillaz colliding with the trippy west coast musings of Alan Watts… an artist that thinks before he leaps and ends up at the center of the moment. Whew…

Camp’s songs have become intrinsically woven into the soundtracks and psyches of both the young and old, but with Defektor, it’s plain to see that he is still an untapped wellspring, and we’ll be hearing a lot more of his songs in the years to come. "Cat's Game" plays like a long lost new wave hit you never heard from 1985 and "Gina Marie" gives the Fountains of Wayne a run for their money.

Camp is currently gassing up his 62 Falcon and knocking over cultural signposts all the way down the Pacific Coast Highway. So jump in…you’re riding shotgun. And don’t bother with roadmaps, ‘cuz it ain’t about the destination – it’s all about the journey.