Jack Skuller


Teen rocker JACK SKULLER is equally passionate about the melodies of the Beatles and the energy of the Ramones. A song Jack wrote, the irresistibly catchy "Love Is A Drum" propelled him to first place in a 101.5 FM sponsored statewide talent show. Jack soon caught the ear of Bar/None Records owner Glenn Morrow while performing at the Hoboken Arts and Music Festival. "Love Is A Drum," a timeless rockabilly anthem was produced by Daniel Rey (Ramones, Ronnie Spector) and features Nada Surf's Ira Elliot on drums. Insistent and forceful, rock and roll begins again with rock's new young heart.

REVIEW FROM JERSEY BEAT: "One of the most impressive performers early in the evening was teen rocker Jack Skuller. Jack looks a bit like a younger Nick Jonas and sings like a mix of Buddy Holly and Ricky Nelson. He's got a smooth drummer (Rex Detiger) who can swing, and that counts for a lot; most 15 year old drummers play like robots. Watch for Jack Skuller's debut single this April on Bar None Records."

Jack Skuller's debut single will be released on Bar/None Records as a limited edition 7 inch vinyl as well as digital download on April 20, 2010.

Here’s a prediction. Jack Skuller is going to be a big, big rock star.... This is not bubble-gum pablum; it’s arguably the best single released by anyone this year. Anyone.
— The Examiner
ack’s not just a cute little kid trying to sing pop songs. He understands rock ‘n’ roll. His clean, muscular chordings on electric guitar delivery a clarity and freshness that’s missing from much of today’s indie scene.
— The Star Ledger
Jack Skuller comes across as a real musician first, heartthrob second. An important distinction for artistic longevity purposes.
The chorus is impressive produced pop, I can’t deny he’s a one of a kind songwriter at his age already.
— 7 Inches
This song by New Jersey-based rocker Jack Skuller is nothing short of sublime.
— The Examiner
The video showcased just how talented this upstart is. Heads up, Justin Bieber.
— New York Press
This kid’s got the essence of potential “–mania” easily tucking on to the end of his name. We’re breathless and only hope you someday say you EYED it first here at 20/20.
— 20/20
His rock ‘n’ roll heart beats with the blue-eyed soul of rock ‘n’ roll’s Fifties forefathers.
— Jersey Beat