Forget tame music, the sensitive 90's man or anything p.c. Mensclub are nothing like those things so softies need not apply. We affectionately refer to Ron, Tom, and Jon (guitarist, drummer, and bassist) as the hardest rocking band in the Bay area. But not for long. Their local following is soon about to widen.


"Fresh Start" 7 inch (1994)
"Let's take turns blowing ourselves away" 7 inch (1995)
"Drug Pit" 7 inch, on Dale Crover Records (1995)
"Teach your bird to talk" compilation CD, on Gasatanka Records (1995)
"This ain't no melodic punk" compilation 7 inch, from Probe Magazine (1996)
"Comin' to take you away" 1st full length CD, Bar/None Records (1996)

Though wee lads at the time, they dig mostly on late '60's/early '70's "heavy shit", like MC5 and early Grand Funk Railroad. Their music is loud and fast; as John says, it's like "total adrenaline rock". We think Mensclub play tighter and tougher than anyone on the planet. Mensclub also refer to themselves more times in their songs than anyone since the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion.

Ron and Jon were jamming for eight years before they met Tom and formed Mensclub in '93. Their style flowed from those formative years, when the trio was just a duo, into the present sound known as Mensclub- A heavy blend of rock and punk. But be wary, as the lyrics to their song "Critic" warn: "Can't pin us down with your definitions".

We can say Mensclub is a bit gender unconscious. Women affect them. Or in their own words: "Chicks fuck things up. That's not to say dudes don't but we're not talking about dudes right now. And if that gets someone uptight, well... we're rocking the boat and they're missing it." Well- put. We're expecting calls from people who didn't get on that boat. But don't anyone jump to conclusions. Though at first glance they seem down on women, if given a good listen its obvious they want chicks to 'get down at the Mensclub'. In their song "Comin", they insist "You gotta be there/ Or we're a nail without the wood".

Keep in mind the Mensclub are "not sexist, just remarkably sexy," says Tom. And note that the band is into exercising their rights. They write what they feel, because they have the right. They take their shirts off, because its their right and they want to. Tom adds, "We talk about things from a dude's perspective." Why not? It's their right. Still, Mensclub is easily misunderstood. "We're always fighting the forces against rock n' roll," said Ron. That would include critics, nay-sayers, people who get hung up on their lyrics- anyone standing in the way of their music.

The band's released three singles to date. They've toured the West coast six times and continue to tour . "Mensclub Fresh Start" and "Let's Take Turns Blowing Ourselves Away" (a reference to the Judas Priest teen suicide tragedy) they released themselves. And Dale Crover Records (that's Dale, drummer of the Melvins) issued "Drug Pit". Take Yer' Shirt Off, Tell a Friend, Chicks 'r Welcome...