Bar/None News: Birdie Busch

BIRDIE BUSCH 2007-02-05
The Yellow Bird Project out of Montreal, interviewed Birdie on their "blog" section. Along with the interview is a video of an acoustic version of an unreleased song that will be on her next record along with a download button for it. So check it out! Yellow Bird is more than just a blog, it is a company that works hand in hand with lots of great bands (Rilo Kiley,Devendra Banhart, and Broken Social Scene to name a few) to design t-shirts for them where all the proceeds go towards charitable efforts.

Birdie's 2nd album for Bar/None Penny Arcade is out now. You can order the album direct from us or at any fine retailer.

Click here to see Birdie on Philly's ABC-TV and footage from a recent North Star Bar performance where she performs 3 songs from her upcoming Bar/None release Penny Arcade.

Go to and dig her rendition of the Steve Miller's Wild Mountain Honey while you're there.

Click here to listen to a May 2006 interview and live performance by Birdie on World Cafe.