Bar/None News: Starling Electric

Clouded Staircase was re-released on Bar/None August 19th and is available everywhere.

Relix had this to say about Clouded Staircase.

The Wall Street Journal had this to say about the album. "On Clouded Staircase, some songs have 10 vocal parts, most sung by Mr. Dillon, that form a tight, textured and often captivating whole. Rich but uncluttered orchestral pop with reoccurring themes and a few tracks that are crafted of separate but complementary parts, the CD shows the influence of "Smile," especially on the Dillon composition "Camp-Fire" as voices dart and built over organ, chimes, bass and banjo. But the album's "Death to Bad Dreams/Black Parade" invokes the Beatles' harmonies, and "She Goes Through Phases" recalls Pink Floyd's. The sway of the '70s band 10cc jumps from several tracks.

Click here to read Detroit's Metromix's Q&A with the band where they reveal their passion for Carling Black Label.

The well-respected Fire Note blog had this to say about Clouded Staircase.

Detroit Free Press' 5 Questions with Caleb Dillon

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