Bar/None News: The Slip

THE SLIP 2007-03-28
"Even Rats" is now available on Rock Band through RBN. See here.

Live videos over at our Media page of The SLIP performing in Canada for MTV Live.

Head over to to see some exclusive live footage of The Slip at Barrymore's (Ottawa, Ontario) performing Airplane/Primitive, Even Rats, and If One of Us Should Fall.

Hear five exclusive live tracks on Daytrotter including a cover of The Who's Baba O'Riley.

Don't forget to swing by Vanity Fair Online and check out The Slipping Point, a feature article about the band's recent successes and the new record that they describe as "a complex, compelling opus".

And for those of you who missed the episode of Grey's Anatomy where The Slip's Life In Disguise was used in the background...