Rage To Live

Three years in the making, Blame The Victims is the second release from Glenn Morrow and his band Rage to Live (Rich Grula - bass, Bob Riley - drums, Ed Tomney - guitar). Their 1986 debut had typically hard-nosed critics gushing about romance and sensuality and was hailed in periodicals such as Rolling Stone, The New York Times and The Village Voice.

Rage to Live was formed as a side project for Morrow while he was still fronting his band, The Individuals. Along with other bands such as The Feelies, The dB's and Yo La Tengo, The Individuals were tagged by critics as originating the "Hoboken Sound". The Individuals broke up in 1983. Morrow claims to have been inspired to leave the group after witnessing his first Replacements show.

Rage to Live's debut was actually the very first Bar/None release. At the time Bar/None had no staff, so Morrow took it upon himself to handle all of the promotion and publicity for the album. He had already built a network of contacts in the alternative music community having worked as an Editor at New York Rocker magazine and through national touring with The Individuals.

In some ways Rage to Live is more of a club than a band. It's members have rich and varied careers. Guitar wizard Ed Tomney is a successful painter, as well as a collaborator with the artist Jonathan Borofsky. Ed also builds guitar robots that play themselves. Rich Grula, who co-produced "Blame The Victims", is currently performing as part of Otis Ball & The Chains. Bob Riley is busy working on his next album for his group "Grace Pool", and he is also one of New York City's top session drummers. Other club members have included Peter Holsapple (dB's) and Chris Butler (Waitresses). Guest appearances on "Blame The Victims" include Richard Lloyd (Television), John "J.T" Terlesky and Dan McKinney (The Original Sins), David Schramm (ex-Yo La Tengo), and Elly Brown (Grace Pool).

Blame The Victims is a rich and varied tapestry of sonic pleasure. A little bit country, a little bit 'r and b' and a lot rock and roll, doses of raunch and feedback mixed with harmony and melody that pack the emotional punch that is Rage To Live.

Individuals Discography:
Aquamarine (Lust/Unlust EP) - 1981
Fields (Plexus LP) - 1982
Dancing With My 80 Wives b/w Our World & Seven Hours By Motorboat (Plexus 7") - 1982

Rage To Live Discography:
Luxury Condos (Coyote - compilation) - 1985
Eastern Shores (Record Runner - compilation) - 1986
Rage To Live (Bar/None) - 1986
The Water Music Compilation - 1989
Time For A Change (Bar/None - compilation) - 1989
Blame The Victims (Bar/None CD/LP/CS) - 1990

Band members:
Glenn Morrow
Rich Grula
Bob Riley
Ed Tomney

Ed played most of the guitars. Bob slammed the skins. Rich played bass, sang harmony and helped out with production. Glenn produced and sang and played some guitar. Honorary member Elly Brown donated her vocal prowess. Rage to Live is more of a state of mind than a band: a hunk of burnin' love that will not be denied.

Guitar Specialists:
Richard Lloyd - solos on "Only Heard It Once"
Dave Schramm - lap steel on "Divorcee", solo on "Again & Again"
John "J.T." Terlesky - feedback and guitar grunge on "My Heroine", "Fireman" and "Bayou Baby". The Link Wray of his generation!

Chanteuses Extraordinaires:
Elly Brown - "Deep Blue Sea", "Bayou Baby", and "My Heroine"
Terry Fitzsimmons - "Sexy # '79"
Chris and Genie Morrow - "My Heroine"
Ann Boston - "Fireman"
James MacMillan - all that fine harmony on "Suite: Judy Blue Eyes"

Dan McKinney - "Again & Again"
Pat "Killer" Irwin - "Fireman"
Chris Irwin - "Love Is Hard Work"

Chris Irwin
Rob Miller
Jon Laterza
Rich Grula
James MacMillan
Jon Rosenberg

Recorded and Mixed at Water Music, Hoboken NJ Additional Recording at Calliope, NYC and Tracks, Port Washington Chris Butler mixed "My Heroine" into the finely honed jewel it now is.

Bob Riley and Elly Brown appear courtesy of Warner Bros. Records. Check out their band and album "Grace Pool".

John Terlesky and Dan McKinney appear courtesy of Psonik Records. Their band the Original Sins make great rock 'n' roll. Check out their albums "Big Soul" on Bar/None and "The Hardest Way" on Psonik.

James MacMillan appears courtesy of BMG Music International.

Otis Ball snapped his fingers. Rich played tambourine and some guitar. Everybody sang backup except Ed. Tom Prendergast got the whole thing off the ground and I helped.

Thanks to the Bar/None family past and present: Marjorie Galen, Mary Marcus, Lori Carlson, Deanna Krickus, Paul Rock, Jerry Rubino and Jerry Leibowitz. Special thanks to Brian Cohen and everyone at Restless.

"My Heroine" goes out to Karin B. and Genie M.

This album is dedicated to E.V.I. and Gina
-Glenn Morrow, June 1989