Richard Hawley


While his name might not ring a bell, chances are his guitar has already been ringing in your ears. Richard Hawley plays guitar for Pulp (he's featured prominently on their forthcoming record). He's also a former member of the Britpop band, The Longpigs who toured the states playing stadiums opening for U2. Richard has contributed to records by Beth Orton, Robbie Williams, Nellee Hooper, Finlay Quay and Perry Farrell. He even plays a mean solo on the All Saints hit version of "Under the Bridge".

What can a young man do having played in such rock'n'roll bands in sleepy London Town? He can go solo and release his first full-length album, Late Night Final. Hawley's songs are from a life where classic Americana collides with true Northern Britain grit. He has mastered the beauty of Roy Orbison, the wistfulness of Buddy Holly and the dark moodiness of Johnny Cash. Hawley writes timeless atmospheric tunes that dip into the same classic waters as The Everly Brothers and Scott Walker (a recent collaborator.)

The son of a Sheffield steelworker, Richard started touring with his uncle's band at the age of 14. Both of his parents were musicians and Sheffield has a rich musical heritage that contributed to his creative growth. This is the town that boasts the birthplace of Cabaret Voltaire, the Human League, ABC, Pulp and many many more.

Having already experienced being a "pop star", Hawley, has no desire for it. "After swimming with the tide for so long, I did what I wanted to do!" And that he did, creating a stunning album of unashamed romantic crooning mixed with nostalgia.

"It's quite a selfish record. I made it just for me. But without trying to sound pretentious, I hope it has come out with a generous spirit," says Richard Hawley

The NME has called Late Night Final a "very classy turn." The Guardian sees "a haunting croon, a tremolo bar and an echo chamber the size of the Mersey tunnel." He conjures up images of a time where all songs were listened to while hoisting a frosted mug of ale. "You can almost smell the hair grease, yet strangely timeless. Never underestimate the appeal of a leather-clad lonely boy."

Late Night Final was recorded in Hawley's hometown of Sheffield with his band: Andy Cook (drums), Colin Elliot (bass & studio engineer), Shez (guitar) and Simon Stafford (keyboard). It great music haunted by the spirit of rock'n'rollers long since gone and we guarantee it's going to touch the haunted parts of your heart.