Sabina - Toujours

Best known as a co-founding member of the Grammy-nominated band Brazilian Girls, the debut record rediscovers Sabinaís unique voice, anthemic songwriting, and her signature multi-lingual story-telling, albeit this time within a quite different musical setting.

Toujours was recorded, produced and arranged by Sabina as well as Brazilian Girls producer Frederik Rubens. Of the recording process, Sabina notes, ďToujours was very organic. It took over a year, on and off. I only recorded when I was really inspired and I kept what I felt was absolutely necessary. I didnít want any redundant ornamentation, never more than four elements at a time. I suppose some would call me a control freak, but on the other hand itís completely imperfect, and low-fi, like me. Iím a control freak about keeping things dirty.Ē The new music is inspired by the rock and pop classics of the Ď60s and Ď70s but within more contemporary recording techniques.

Born in Rome to a German mother and an Italian father, Sabina lived in Italy, Germany, then France before coming to the U.S. She lived in New York City for a decade before returning to Paris, where she now resides. Her own story is really what set the background for her sound. ďI left my origins and roamed far and wide, Iíll always be a nomad I suppose, but, as weird as it may sound, whenever I was on an airplane above any other continent than Europe, I thought Ďoh, please donít let me die here.í Iím a real European, I want to die here,Ē she explains.