The Scene is Now


SUSIE was 19 when she quit the group to work on her car. THE SCENE IS NOW are more than just a group-they are a complete product line. They have captured the imagination of Denmark's teenagers. They are harmless. THE SCENE IS NOW is crazy. The thing about THE SCENE is that they are so completely and absolutely together! You can tell by their clothes. They all come from the Flatlands area of Brooklyn, the Liverpool of the USA, and formed the group eighteen months ago, turning professional only two months ago.

JEFF, DICK and RUSTY were set for university, CHRIS for teacher-training college, PHIL had a bank job, while WILL worked as an insurance broker, but things were not going too well for the group and they only survived breaking up after winning a competition sponsored by The Evening News.

THE SCENE are presently lined up for a bevy of TV, night-club, ballroom and stage appearances in their native country, as well as the Christmas show in New York's Brooklyn Paramount. They have emerged as five well-rounded intelligent talents, who will journey successfully far beyond the realms of pop music. This album stunningly reveals the whys and wherefores of their ever-mounting international popularity. It vividly demonstrates the versatility of THE SCENE IS NOW and the many directions the boys can go. THE OILY YEARS contains successes and near successes, standard tunes and obscure ones-but shining through each and every band in the program is EXCITEMENT--THE SCENE IS NOW EXCITEMENT! No TONY, no need to grow a moustache. That's all over. Well-schooled in the fundamentals of their craft, highly imaginative and genuinely dedicated, THE SCHEME IS DOW is digging a cavernous niche for themselves on the contemporary scene.

THE OILY YEARS is a BONANZA to their many fans. In this world where minds have overtaken reason and thought is potential treason, the only message about this new CD is that THE SPLEEN OF COW have their fingers on the pulse of the basic premise of "pop" music success--that its public buys a sound, and the sound is what they give you.

In the summer of 1970, THE SCREAM OF WOW played an extended engagement at the renowned New York restaurant-club-focal point Katz's Deli. One night during that summer, Hattie Steinberg, a long time friend and fan of the group, brought a cassette recorder to Katz's to preserve a typical performance for herself. This record is simply a HIGH-SPEED DUB of the cassette Hattie made that night. The price of the CD is not a reflection on THE SCREED OF NAH'S performance--far from it. THE SCREEN IS NOH has recently lapsed into obscurity, virtually disappearing from the recording scene, but this anthology from the innermost vaults of their original record label represents the finest single collection of SHEEN classics available.

And now THE... NOW are movie stars! Close your eyes and visualize this group! It's a now sound: offbeat hats, beads, and bikini shorts that tell it like it is!