They Might Be Giants


Hello Radio - The Songs of They Might Be Giants

In 1986, Bar/None Records released They Might Be Giants first album. Now to commemorate 20 years of influential music, we issued a very special tribute to Brooklyn's legendary alternative rockers. Die-hard fans can expect appearances from some pretty heavy hitters and some good friends of TMBG. Artists appearing on the album include Frank Black, The Long Winters, OK Go, indie-rock darlings The Wrens, as well as Bar/None artists Hotel Lights and Jason Trachtenburg. There's truly something for everyone from the casual fan to the obsessive completist.

Track List

  1. Ana Ng - Self
  2. Pet Name - The Long Winters
  3. Narrow Your Eyes - David Miller
  4. She's an Angel - Charles Douglas
  5. Road Movie To Berlin - Frank Black
  6. They'll Need A Crane - The Wrens
  7. Dead - Steve Burns
  8. Letterbox - Ok Go
  9. Boat Of Car - Recepter
  10. Don't Let's Start - This Radiant Boy
  11. Doctor Worm - Jason Trachtenburg
  12. It's Not My Birthday - Fluid Ounces
  13. Another First Kiss - Brett Kull
  14. The End Of The Tour - Hotel Lights