Nenette et Boni

Tindersticks made their mark in Europe with the release of their very first album. In America things have been quietly developing over time. Now with a devoted core following Tindersticks return for tour dates in the States to promote two new albums and a film. Exposure for the band in the U.S. has never been greater.


Stuart Staples - Vocals, Guitar
David Boulter - Keyboards
Neil Fraser - Guitar
Dickon Hinchliffe - Violin
Mark Colwill - Bass
Alistair Macaulay - Drums

Nénette et Boni, being released by Bar/None is based on music the band developed for the film of the same name. London/This Way Up are simultaneously releasing their third "proper" album. Rolling Stone recently described Tindersticks music as having the "seductive thrill of an early James Bond film score. ..like the soundtrack to an underrated film from the '60s or a cool '90s art house film yet to be made." Perhaps that film is Nénette et Boni written and directed by Claire Denis ("Chocolat"). The film is opening in New York and Los Angeles to excellent notices with the New York Times running a long feature about the director.

Ms. Denis was to originally use traditional African music for the score until she saw the Tindersticks perform in Paris with a 24 piece orchestra. She completed the screenplay while listening to Tindersticks and filmed certain scenes live to the music to help capture the right ambience.

Two Tindersticks songs, "My Sister"("Ma Soeur") and "Tiny Tears" ("Petites Chiennes") were specially re-arranged and re-recorded for the film. The band were more than happy to collaborate as they have always wanted to get involved with movie soundtracks.

Bar/None released the first Tindersticks album in 1994. Melody Maker named it "Album of the Year" beating out both Nirvana and Pearl Jam. We're proud to once again spread their moody sensual sounds from coast to coast.

Tindersticks 1st Album

Tindersticks play moody melodic music that sweeps through the listener and quietly takes hold. Simply through the strength of their records and live performances they are building a word of mouth following that has them touring Europe to sold out houses and has American record buyers haranguing their local record stores for import copies of their 21-song debut double album.

Tindersticks have avoided a number of pitfalls that have plagued English bands of late - mainly too much hype too soon. They've quietly released a series of singles and EP's and politely avoided offers to appear on the covers of the British weekly music magazines. As lead singer Stuart Staples told Melody Maker, "If I was that desperate to be on the cover of your magazine I'd be sitting here in a f**king dress." Melody Maker went on to name "Tindersticks" as their Album of the Year (beating out Nirvana and Pearl Jam).

Tindersticks caught alight late '92 with the release of their debut 7" single "Patchwork b/w Milky Teeth", released on their own Tippy Toe label. Limited to 500 copies, it sold out within two weeks. The band quickly followed with another single, a limited edition 10" which sold out (2000) within one week.

Tindersticks started to grace the stages of various UK clubs, only to be met with more rave reviews from all corners. A 7" single, "A Marriage Made In Heaven" was released on a Rough Trade singles club compilation and made "Single of the Week" in the NME. The band dedicated the single to Lee Hazelwood, "A father to us all!" A second single, "Unwired" for Domino Single Club, would also receive "Single of the Week" status, this time by Melody Maker.

Tindersticks would inevitably go on to record their first album which was released on October 4, 1993 in the U.K. The album which is also currently available in the U.S. on Bar/None Records has been critically acclaimed in both America and Europe.


The First Tindersticks Album draws inspiration from the playful narrative style of producer Lee Hazlewood (Duane Eddy, Nancy Sinatra), the Cinemascope orchestrations of John Barry and the twilight-zone claustrophobia of Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds.
— Rolling Stone
...Press superlatives, record company support, and the highly individual style of British indie rock sextet Tindersticks have ignited a fire of interest that looks likely to cross the Atlantic.
— Billboard
... it’s the feel of rain-wet cobblestones and French cigarettes that immediately define Tindersticks’ debut.
— Raygun
... the band’s delicately paced songs are woven around piano or organ beds, or gracefully sculpted guitar lines. Sitting in the middle, like a rich chocolate center, are the sultry vocals of Stuart Staples...
...Tindersticks is sprawling, ambitious, faltering, brilliant, romantic, spontaneous, spooky, flawed and delightful. About f**king time.
— Melody Maker, Album of the Year
...How truly refreshing it is to be utterly spellbound and gently disturbed, to see a band at the beginning of something that promises immeasurable greatness.
— Melody Maker