Oct 3rd, DC's, Hoboken, NJ
Oct 4th, Gold Sounds, Brooklyn, NY
Oct 6th, Lizard Lounge, Lancaster, PA
Oct 7th, Stone Tavern @ Michel's, Kent, OH
Oct 8th, CODA, Cleveland, OH
Oct 9th,  Old Miami, Detroit, MI
Oct 10th, Silvie's, Chicago, IL
Oct 11th, Mickey's, Madison, WI
Oct 14th, Vaudeville Mews, Des Moines, IA
Oct 15th, Duffy's, Lincoln, NE
Oct 24th, Central Saloon, Seattle, WA

Nov 3rd, Lost Leaf, Phoenix AZ
Nov 9th, Circle Bar, New Orleans, LA
Nov 11th, The Nick, Birmingham, AL
Nov 13th, Georgia Theater, Athens,GA
Nov 14th, Monstercade, Winston-Salem, NC
Nov 15th, Neptune, Raleigh, NC

Dec 9th, Monty Hall, Jersey City, NJ

The Moms

Oct 19th, Revolution Music Hall, Amityville, NY
Oct 21st, Deciccos Tavern, Raritan, NJ

Nov 15th, Sunnyvale, Brooklyn, NY
Nov 17th, Millhill Basement, Trenton, NJ

Dec 2nd, The Sidebar, Baltimore, MD

The Paranoid Style

Oct 27th, Union Hall, Brooklyn, NY