Various Artists - Lotus Lounge

Lotus Lounge exists in a place where the velvet ropes disappear and the only price of admission is a fertile imagination. It’s a moveable feast where you can come to dream or to dance any time of the day. The sounds of the Lotus Lounge have been gathered from cities around the globe -- Angel Tears are from Tel Aviv, Cineplexx from Buenos Aires, the Sismik Napkins Adventures from Lausanne -- and blended into a single seamless mix. There are no geographical borders or language barriers here. If some of these tracks already sound familiar, it’s because they’ve been featured in movies and on the hippest of our contemporary television shows, as well as in night clubs and chill-out lounges throughout the world. Then again, maybe these grooves have just been lingering in your subconscious, waiting for you to turn up the volume.

There’s no need to wait any longer. Change in to something more comfortable, turn down the lights, and turn up the strobe. The doors are open and everyone’s invited. The music’s about to start.

Welcome to the Lotus Lounge.
Mixed to a continuous groove by DJ Palma Ceia
Produced by DJ Steve Popkin

1 No Man/Slow It All Down (3:35)
2 Waterfront House/Walking in the Clouds (2:03)
3 Cineplexx/Facil (4:10)
4 Oforia/Walk On Water (10:03)
5 Zino and Tommy/From India To Spain (2:54)
6 Sismik Napkin/Adventures Faith (5:38)
7 Max 404/Niceta (2:23)
8 Angel Tears/Inshalla (Ya Salam) (4:37)
9 Zino and Tommy/Marrakech Ambient (3:08)
10 The E.Q.'s/Global (4:52)
11 Angel Tears/Indian Ballad (5:48)
12 The Project/IL Ruby (3:48)
13 Mystica/China (2:15)
14 Access Denied/Dawn (Between River and Sea) (5:13)

Total Playing Time: (60:27)