Various Artists - Red Hot and Lisbon

The 11th in Red Hot's series of AIDS benefit albums, Onda Sonora will see a North American release on July 20, 1999 on Bar None Records.

The record, a rich musical journey through the Portuguese speaking world, debuted in Europe last year to great critical praise. It mixes music from Portugal with artists representing many of its former overseas territories, including Brazil, Angola, Mozambique, Cape Verde, Guine Bissau, East Timor and Goa.

It features unique collaborations from various cultures and musical backgrounds including Fado, Samba, Afrobeat and Jungle. Some of the highlights include unusual collaborations between artists such as kd lang with Lisbon's master of classical guitar Antonio Chainho. And an original song written for the project by David Byrne and Brazilian legend Caetano Veloso. The project also includes exclusive tracks from Portugal's Madredeus, Delfins and Paulo Braganca; Brazil's Carlinhos Brown, Djavan and Marisa Monte; the UK's Durutti Column and Smoke City; New York's DJ Soul Slinger and Arto Lindsay and many more.

Hailed as "one of the best world music albums of the year" by the New York Times, Onda Sonora takes listeners on a rich and satisfying musical journey, tracing some of the most important roots and routes of contemporary popular music.

1. David Byrne + Caetano Veloso - Dreamworld: Marco de Canavezes
2. Smoke City – Cara Lindo (Mr. Gorgeous)
3. Bonga + Marisa Monte + Carlinhos Brown – Mulemba Xangola
4. General D + Funk 'N Lata – Sobi Esse Pano, Mano
5. Lura – Nha Vida
6. Moreno Veloso + Sadjo Djolo Koiate – Coral
7. k.d. lang – Fado Hilario
8. Madredeus + Suso Saiz – Os Dias Sao a Noite (Remix)
9. Interlude: DJ Wally + Lura
10. Simentera + DJ Soul Slinger – A Mar (Storm Mix)
11. Nana Vasconcelos + Vinicius Cantuaria – Luz de Candeeiro
12. Interlude: Antonio Chainho – Variacoes Em Mi Menor
13. Delfins + To Ricciardi – Cancao de Engate (Remix)
14. Ketama + Djavan + Banda Feminina Dida – Dukeles
15. Filipe Mukenga + Underground Sound of Lisbon – Hailwa Yange Oike Mbela (Remix)
16. Interlude: DJ Spooky + Vinicius Cantuaria
17. Netos do N'Gumbe – Tchon Di Na Lu
18. Arto Lindsay + Arnaldo Antunes + Davi Moraes – Sem Voce
19. Interlude: Salvador A Caprella
20. Paulo Braganca + Carlos Maria Trindade – A Nevoa
21. Filpa Pais + Antonio Chainho – Fado da Adica
22. Ekvat – Babu Amgelo
23. Durutti Column – It's Your Life, Babe